The 25th Annual Lake McSwain Trout Derby

The 25th Annual Lake McSwain Trout Derby
The 25th Annual Lake McSwain Trout Derby will be held from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday May 15.

It will rely on the smart phone app FishDonkey. Popular among anglers, it will allow participants to photograph, measure and record their entries. The app does not require live wifi or cellular access to work. However, anglers must have the app downloaded on to their phone and available on the day of the derby, along with a fish measuring board – or “bump board” – or tape measure.

The entry fee will be $25. Kids under 16 fish free with an adult entry. Anglers must additionally pay the parks entry fee of $8 per day or $30-$40 for overnight camping. Some limited campsites are still available at the lake, as well as nearby Lake McClure. For reservations click here.

Aside from any camping reservations, all derby registrations and fees must be made through the FishDonkey app. Participants are strongly encouraged to access the app early and become familiar with it before the derby. All photos, videos and judging will be managed through the app.

Once the app is loaded onto a smart phone, select “Fish in a Tournament.” Then a search window will appear. Participants can then enter “Lake McSwain.” This will take anglers to the Lake McSwain Derby page with all the required registration and information. The app also includes a feature allowing participants to practice uploading their photos and videos prior to the derby.

Anglers will be required to submit all of the following:


  1. A photo of themselves holding their fish.
  2. A photo of the fish on the bump measuring board.
  3. A video showing themselves holding, catching or measuring the fish – or just capturing their general excitement.

For additional information and support, please visit the following:

A short tutorial explaining how to practice uploading an entry: click here.

A simple step-by-step walk through of the app: click here.