Best Hidden Fishing Spots in Northern California

Best Hidden Fishing Spots in Northern California

Nov 3rd, 2022

Looking for the perfect spot for your next fishing trip? Look no further! Northern California is home to plenty of iconic lakes and rivers featuring perfect weather, an abundance of fish, and gorgeous scenery. However, the most popular locations always draw in the biggest crowds, resulting in fierce competition, more noise, and fewercatches. Luckily, two amazing fishing spots are located in Mariposa County, directly west of Yosemite National Park. The Twin Lakes of Lake McClure and Lake McSwain are two hidden gems that you will want to remember for your next getaway!

Lake McClure

Lake McClure features nearly 11 square miles of fishable waters that are located within the scenic Sierra Nevada foothills. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate of the area, Lake McClure is suitable for fishing year-round, and the lake is home to various species of fish, including spotted bass, rainbow trout, and kokanee salmon. Eager for your next big catch? Previous visitors to Lake McClure have made astonishing catches weighing in at over 10 pounds! The area is also perfect for camping, featuring firepits, cabins, and accommodations for RV’s and tents so that your next fishing trip is both comfortable and fun!

Lake McSwain

Lake McSwain is yet another great place for fishing in Mariposa County. Not only does it have a peaceful atmosphere and gorgeous views, but it is also home to the bi-annual Trout Derby due to its large trout habitat. There are many prominent fishing spots at Lake McSwain, such as “the brush pile”, fishing dock, and lower fishing access located on the forebay below the dam at McSwain on the Merced River. Plenty of camping options are also available at Lake McSwain, allowing you to pick a location closest to your favorite fishing spot! 

Plan your next trip at the Lake McClure, Lake McSwain, or both for twice the catches! Visit our website to learn more about reservations, pricing, and accommodations. We look forward to your next visit!